1. We heard that you have moved from Russia to the Czech Republic. Further new band members have joined you. Did that change your style and sound a little?
I founded the band in the distant 2006, although the project already existed since 2002. We released 2 albums on a major metal label in Russia and in this line-up we traveled everywhere there. In 2013 I decided to move to Czech Republic but unfortunately former members did not support me in that (because it was really very risky), so I found new band members. New people had almost no influence at that time on the sound of the band, as the songs were already made and we just played them, you will hear creative influence of new musicians on upcoming album of the bands called „Siberian heathen Horde“.


2. Where do you get your inspiration for songs and composition from after moving away from Siberia?
Almost always I take all the inspiration from deep inside of me, the environment does not affect so much to my creativity. The main thing is inside, thoughts, feelings and experiences.


welicoruss concert
welicoruss live
3. Is there a music genre you listen to besides metal?
Personally, I listen to a lot of styles – classical, rock, ambient, ethnic, jazz. For a long time I listened to plenty of electronic music such as drum’n’bass, tech step and ect. But now more progressive metal, neoclassical metal, black metal. Our guitarist Gojko listens even more than I do in completely unexpected styles.


4. What can we expect in the near future from Welicoruss?
We expect a big bang, because now we are preparing a new album with new songs and ideas, we really like what it turns out, because this is a new step in the history of the band and after release of this album we will begin a big tour in support of it.